One Month in Thailand: Packing Like A Pro With 10.5kg

Backpacking has become a very popular way to travel for decades; with travellers wanting to hop from hostels and hotels to bungalows. To do this frequently and with ease, the backpack is the best way forward.

I like to do things a bit differently.

Some called me foolish, others were secretly jealous.

Travelling to Thailand for One Month

I travelled to Thailand for one month in February 2019 with just a 6kg North Face Backpack as hand luggage, and a Horizn 10.5kg suitcase on 4 wheels which I could carry.

I may have looked like a rookie — but this way of travelling suited me very well.

I even managed to get all the way here:

If you keep your luggage as light as possible you feel so much more free.

If you keep your luggage as light as possible you feel so much more free.

Packing 101

  1. Roll your clothes - do not fold, unless you’re doing Marie Kondo’s origami folding

  2. Pack essential minis - shampoo can be easily found but conditioner is harder

  3. Pack your toiletries in plastic bags to avoid leakages

  4. Bring a Turkish hamam towel - it’s lightweight and not horrible to touch like microfibre towels (sorry, but these make my skin crawl)

  5. Flip-flops might be a waste of time (they break, get dirty and are not good for walking); go for Birkenstock instead

  6. Bring one jack that doubles up as a pillow or throw like my Carharrt

  7. Have an electronics box: cables, portable chargers, adapters, mosquito plug-in repellent

Why I packed so well:

  • I brought 10 x strap tops, 3 x shorts and 3-4 bikinis, some underwear (but too many socks)

  • Peanut butter and biscuits (this saved me in the jungle)

  • Reusable water bottle (being eco is about preparation!)

  • Suncream, dry shampoo and shower gel without skin lightening or bleaching chemicals

  • Italian coffee to top up caffeine without over-spending on coffee

  • A small purse for little coins

  • I had a medical kit which was SO USEFUL

The best thing I packed: my Eastpak bumbag / fannypack which I carried diagonally around my body. I bought this when I was 14 in Belgium! Although it is now a nostalgic 12 years old, and was once extremely uncool (around 2007-2012). In 2019 however, I used it every single day.

This meant I could keep my passport, money, phone, suncream, keycards, and other essentials close to me.

I even lent it to a friend, who was concerned about the rather feminine colour. He came back from checking out the Full Moon Party and was ecstatic about its practical benefits. Between this and my mini-pharmacy, I was proud of the pro packing level.

According to some fellow travellers this made me look Russian. I liked this a lot, obviously.

Arriving in Chiang Mai and realising I had almost everything I’d need.

Arriving in Chiang Mai and realising I had almost everything I’d need.

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