Abandoned Berlin: Blub memories from 2015


Blub. Berliner Luft-und Badparadies.

An old swimming pool which was abandoned in 2002 after opening in 1985. They used to sponsor Hertha BSC which is interesting.

The bathing paradise shut down as locals were concerned about the cleanliness of the swimming pools. I can imagine swimming with the rats doesn’t sound like quite the swimming paradise you’d expect.

Anyway, we went there in 2015 and it was still intact-ish. I heard that it’s been burned down now, which is sad. So all that is left is burnt timber and it’s not as colourful.

Some graffiti never hurt anyone

Some graffiti never hurt anyone

It was amazing to stand within the walls of the old abandoned swimming pool, ‘BLUB'!’. It’s creepy but fascinating at the same time; you feel as though you can feel the old soul of the pool and its atmosphere, as if nothing had changed. I saw tickets for the pool in Deutschmark which shows you how retro this place is. It was also a strange feeling to see how it had simply been left to rot. The till was still in the hallway, tickets were on the floor and pieces of the old slide were simply thrown to the side.

The abandoned swimming pool attracted graffiti artists and homeless people or kids who wanted to hang out here.
I didn’t manage to find the photos from the outside pool area. You can walk in the actual pool which is empty of water and littered with graffiti and bright colours. As the curves of the pool bend round the overgrown garden area, you see elements from the past such as sun loungers and the pool filter which has been covered in leaves and paint splashed around from fellow trespassers.

I guess I felt the need to smoke here as I was feeling like a rebel.

I guess I felt the need to smoke here as I was feeling like a rebel.

Have you been to any abandoned places in Berlin?
There are many places still left, but it’s harder to get in there these days.

A lot of buildings have high-security, or are simply too dangerous to enter due to the ceiling caving in.

I wouldn’t recommend going in there now, as it’s just going to be heavily protected by security, dogs and also it’s just too risky due to the glass pits and burnt-out sauna areas which are going to add to the danger of it all. It’s best to admire photos instead and not to break your ankle / get sent away by security.

Check out one of the favourite websites for up-to-date details on abandoned places around Berlin.