Pootling around Prague in 24 Hours

Prague. In Czechia. The Czech Republic. Tschechische Republik. Tschechien.

I particularly like the amount of consonants that Germans use.

If you’ve been following The Secret Linguist for a while (thank YOU!), you’ll know city trips are always inexpensive, quick and efficient. I never have a tight-schedule, I don’t want anything to be forced. Having a few ideas in mind is key; never following the crowds is better. Even in large cities, I like to disappear into the nooks and crannies of side streets and experience something cultural, fresh, inspiring.

pootling around Prague

This summer involved another city-break with my life-long friend, Lukas.

Not only did we zoom through the city on a scooter, eat Czech food, see some history, go to a cat café; we stayed in a rather special AirBnb and had many moments to pose in ‘slav-squat’ positions.

My journey started in a hurried manner. When I take a flight, I know I have to make it in time and allow up to 2 hours before departure. I threw myself into the bus a mere 7 minutes before departure time, hoped the air-con would turn on soon, and read around 100 pages on my book. (or so I hoped.)

As the light scattered across the pages of my book, on and off due to the street lights and dusk which came over slowly had eventually made reading impossible, I looked up and realised I was in a place I’d never before visited: The Czech Republic.

Prague friends

Prague was an architectural dream for me. It seemed like Berlin before the war; the pre 1900’s buildings, cobbles, and castle-like charm so many buildings still hold.

architecture Prague gothic

Taking a Scooter in Prague

As the e-mobility scooter makes it way over to Berlin this week—with much delight and disgust coming from expats and locals alike—people are starting to think about to travel within the city centre.

Not only can you travel up to 25 mph with a Lime Scooter and unlock it very easily with the app, it’s around 1,50 EUR for 10 minutes and saves time. For us it was perfect for our 24-hour trip to Prague, because the limited time meant we had to be stricter with our plans.

Lime enabled the pootling around Prague. (unsponsored)

Lime enabled the pootling around Prague. (unsponsored)

The bus station was located around a 10-minute walk away from the Airbnb*, which was a cosy 1-bedroom flat with a particularly East-block feel if I may. The bathroom was clearly added later and had a glass separator so you could make a cup of tea and stare at the naked form of the other person. I might have to add this ‘feature’ to my flat in Berlin…

Getting to Prague from Berlin by bus was a 4-5-hour journey, but a comfortable one. Eurolines is not as fancy as RegioJet (where you get a leather seat, tea and chocolate!) but it had a USB port, enough leg room, and sufficient luggage space. Just make sure to arrive at least 15 minutes before the bus is due to depart, otherwise you’ll be stressed. The most important thing is to bring the right unscented snacks, water and mints. You know the score.

* If you want to try AirBnb, use my code for 23 EUR off you first booking :)

castle-like buildings Prague

Have you tried out the scooters in your city?

Do you think they’re a waste of time or do you think they’re great fun?