Solo Travel Retrospective: Thailand 2019

As I sit in my 14:10 flight to Doha listening to my Koh Pha Ngan playlist I reflect on how f ing awesome my trip was. 

I am proud of having made it this far and for having put myself in challenging situations. I think this helped build and shape my confidence for the better

Could not exactly get bored of sunsets such as this one.

Could not exactly get bored of sunsets such as this one.

Next time I visit Asia, I will plan a bit more adventure. 

I have regained some of my self love and trust, I have now done my first solo trip, survived a hostel experience, navigated around the island of Koh Phangan until I knew it by heart, eaten most Thai dishes, and built up spice tolerance. I also went to two different polluted cities and got on with it.

When you first organise your first trip you’re terrified but excited and don’t really know what you’re doing.

I guess that’s the entire point, isn’t it?

How I Travelled

I travelled Berlin > Doha

Spent two days.

Bangkok > Nikon si Thumarat

Bus two hours

Boat two hours

Taxi 30 mins

Stay in 10 places

Then boat to Surat Thani

Then flight to Chiang Mai

Stay in two places 

Then flight to bangkok

Then stay in Bangkok

Then flight to Doha

Then flight to Berlin 

How meeting others changed me 

Having spent time with others I realise I have made a big leap towards maturing into the person I should be. 

This mix of people from around the world have helped me to become a calmer person, go with the flow, and relax more. As a highly sensitive person, I tend to overthink; worry and over-analyse situations so I stick to the safe side or make a risky decision entirely. 

I needed to meet open minded people in order to know how to calm that anxiety and over-analysing.

What I Packed in My Suitcase

I was nervous for this trip due to wanting to travel as light as possible; despite this, I managed to plan and pack like a German. I had 10.5kg in a small Horizn Studios suitcase and 7kg in my NorthFace backpack.

This is one of the achievements and I intend to continue travelling this way for future trips.
My suitcase contained not so many things.

Yet I managed to pack enough clothes for a month of travel, along with products.

Can you believe I didn’t even buy sun cream? I had it all when I arrived, sans bleaching agents they put in Thai products.

Relaxing when you are naturally an anxious person is hard.

The best comments were:

“Go with the Flow”

“It’s a holiday so there’s no room for being frustrated”

“I’m going here, want to come?”

I may call it solo travel, but you basically have little time on your own if you as vaguely as chatty as me. I met no one in my hostel in Bangkok (Chinese New Year) but met around 25 people in Koh Phangan, maybe more.

In Chiang Mai, I found friends of friends who showed us more good times.

I found a Frenchman who was so professional on the scooter (of course, it’s in his blood) he quickly took away all my worries, and I was able to whiz around Chiang Mai along with him - like a local.

I met Londoners who reminded me of the great British humour and laid-back yet got their shit together lifestyle which you don’t get as often in Germany, where I currently live. 

I met Canadians who gave me days of laughter upon laughter and who can sink gin and tonics faster than yours truly. 

I met artists and DJs who are living in a dome of having a career where the hustle is real but being able to spend a few weeks on a tropical island at a time. I really admire their motivation, talent and free-spirited way of thinking. 

Many thanks to Justine who works at Echo Beach who gave me a warm welcome and who showed me how things are done in KP.

Thanks to Bawy for insightful discussions on the beach and sand-fights.

Thanks to Christ Burstein for adopting me, showing me great music, and helping me recover from the incident. Thanks Steffie for the nurse advice and great parties at Peace & Love.

Thanks to Seb, Charlene and NaN also for adopting me and giving me great memories when first arriving (looking at the stars and you laughing at me) or crossing the sea with our bags on our heads to Koh Ma.

See you in Montreal!

Thanks to Marco and Risa for showing me the best places in Chiang Mai. 

Finally a special thanks to Romain for showing me how to travel, how to calm the f down and enjoy life, how to discuss, and how to eat Thai crepes, grab pork sticks, and introducing me to mango sticky rice. 

Also super respect for putting up with my French, and travelling with me to Chiang Mai from Koh Phangan. Bises! See you in TOULOUSE.

packing light