Reloaded: The Secret Linguist 2:0

The Revamp

It’s Finnuala here, author and founder of The Secret Linguist.

You may have seen me splashing around some blogposts on languages and the concept that there are many undercover linguists, especially outside of English-speaking countries. This is what fascinates and inspires me every day; communicating, connecting, and creating with different languages.

After having had a lot of fun with web hosting in Germany, and finding out that I most likely have lost most of my previous articles, I decided to relaunch The Secret Linguist and not to be too disappointed with the death of the previous content. * sniffs *

Let’s move on, shall we?

Here we are, coming up to 2019 after having had launched this website in 2016. It’s been an entertaining past two years with many different topics which were thrown around, drafted, optimised and redrafted and rethought and re-optimised to proudly churn out as published articles.

It’s with much delight that I am able to launch The Secret Linguist 2.0. I will be connecting more and more with linguists, travelling to different and harder to reach places, and learning some new languages including some Arabic or maybe Russian.

Thank you for your support and especially to those who took the time to read the original blog, The Secret Linguist 1.0.

Bises and a very happy new year to you all.