Where To Eat in Berlin Spring 2019: Current Favourites

Today, it’s international Happiness Day. That can only mean one thing.

The sun is coming out in Berlin after 14 days of straight rain thanks to Storm Gareth.
Cheers, Gareth…

Of course, we are now spring cleaning, getting out of our apartments, and wearing maybe one layer less, out of the 4 or 5 thin layers we’ve been draping across ourselves to stay vaguely warm during the long Berlin winter.

But alas, we can only hope that we are seeing the end of the torrential wind and the rain. Hopefully.

Berlin in the Spring

Most of the year I spend travelling, exploring their local food, and also exploring more food in Berlin. Often I find myself sticking to the same places. I have to admit, I have got a few excellent places lined up.

But now and again, people show me some great hot spots for fresh and very authentic food from around the world.

I can only thank my fellow linguists for showing me the kooks and crannies of Berlin, whilst steering clear of expensive pop-ups from London, away from main streets and too-hyped areas (quite a challenge, these days), but keeping the prices at a nice level.

Berlin also has Markthalle Neun for street food and pop-up restaurants, which want to focus on showcasing their food and culture, rather than exploiting the word ‘street food’ and monetise by making every dish 10-15 EUR. Most dishes in Markthalle Neun are less! On Thursdays they have world food evenings. Go.

In Berlin, I am very grateful to be able to eat for 6-10 EUR and get a nice plate of healthy food (that i’d find hard to make myself), and sometimes a glass of wine for a few euros more.

Friedrichshain: the Village You Don’t Want to Leave

Sometime you need to hop on the U1 and actually leave Friedrichshain.

Sometime you need to hop on the U1 and actually leave Friedrichshain.

I live in Friedrichshain and I am so guilty of staying in this area too long - without even leaving it for several weeks. The problem is, there is a cinema, boutique shops, a food market on Saturdays, a flea market on Sundays, great restaurants, good gritty bars mixed in with nice ones, and an array of clubs.

Previously I used to live in Tempelhof or Kreuzberg and used to travel to many different districts to see friends, easy.

Now I am in the village of Friedrichshain you need more of an excuse to leave and usually you’ll find excuses not to leave the scruffy, quirky yet brightly coloured district of Friedrichshain.

Except if there is a rather exceptional restaurant or food joint to check out…

These are my top 6 restaurant favourites within the city of Berlin in spring 2019.

I’ll go ahead and give you a selection of food from different countries. As you may have noticed, Asian and Mediterranean is winning this spring in Berlin.

Indo-mexi-cal-ital fusion: W - Der Imbiss

Kastanienallee 49, 10119 Berlin
U-Bahn: Rosenthalerplatz (U8) or tram to Zionskirchplatz
030 443 52 206

- Cash only, very small restaurant, order at the bar (sit outside in summer!)

- Get the Thali & garlic naan

W der Imbiss - get the daal and try the naan

W der Imbiss - get the daal and try the naan

Lebanese: Beirut der 70er

Grünbergerstrasse 84, 10245 Berlin
U-Bahn: Samariterstrasse (u5) or go to Boxhagenerplatz
0176 207 55893

- get the sesame halloumi & an Ayran

- or get a halloumi-Schawarma (chicken, hummus, salad, halloumi, sauces)

Beirut der 70er for lentil soup and Hänchenteller

Beirut der 70er for lentil soup and Hänchenteller

Korean: YamYam Berlin

Alte Schönhauserstrasse 6, 10119 Berlin
U-Bahn: Weinmeisterstrasse (u8) or Rosa-Luxembourg-Strasse (U2)

They have Bimbimbap, Ssam, Mandu (dumplings) and other rice bowls.
Service may not be your absolute winner, but you’ll get some authentic Korean food here.

YamYam Berlin for some Korean spicy food if you can handle it

YamYam Berlin for some Korean spicy food if you can handle it

Japanese & Shanghai Specialties: Marubi Ramen

Schönhauser Allee 177, 10119 Berlin
U-Bahn: Senefelderplatz (U2)

030 473 788 58

Just Ramen and Gyoza heaven. Again, busy at lunch times due to their lunch menu of Gyoza and Ramen for 8 euros…

Marubi Ramen

Marubi Ramen

1990 Vegan Living

Krosseren Strasse 19, 10245 Berlin
U-Bahn: Samariterstrasse (U5) or walk to Boxhagenerplatz

030 856 14761

Initially I went to this place and was uncertain. Located in Boxhagenerplatz means many of these restaurants are not only full, but also their quality could vary. In summer 2018, I found they had lots of bowls of salad but not much interesting to them.

Last night I went here again and we ordered a Happiness Bowl & a YimYim bowl with udon noodles which was incredible. It had edamame, fennel, fluffy tofu, udon noodles and loads of other interesting texture which made it exquisite! This is not a word you usually associate with vegan food but it definitely gets you persuaded at transitioning to a plant-based diet.
At 8,50EUR for a large bowl and 3,50EUR for small ones, you can definitely come here for a nice glass and nibble - or get a healthy balanced meal.

1990 Vegan Living - my neighbourhood vegan food joint to pick up fresh, crunchy, spiced bowls of goodness.

1990 Vegan Living - my neighbourhood vegan food joint to pick up fresh, crunchy, spiced bowls of goodness.

Now spring is upon us I will definitely be exploring more restaurants in Berlin. There are always places opening up but its the classics that stay and tend to improve, without getting arrogant, hyped and raise prices.

This food series has taught me that I realise I should go outside of Friedrichshain more often, not just delving into Kreuzberg or Prenzlauer Berg.

But maybe I’ll have to go food series for each district? Not that I need an excuse.

Let me know if any of these Berlin Spring favourites were helpful and if you checked them out :)