The Best Pizza in Berlin: Naples Eat Your Heart Out

Most people like pizza.

If anyone says that they don’t like pizza, I wouldn’t believe them.

They’re lying - there’s no doubt about it..

Berlin, being wonderfully multi-kulti offers such a good range of food options from around the world. Not only does it cost around 30% less to eat out in Berlin compared to other cities, finding new pizza places in the city is not hard to come by.

Pizza in Berlin is readily available and does vary in quality. I have collated a nice group of my top favourite pizza restaurants in Berlin, which I take visitors to again and again.

This was the best pizza I’ve ever tasted in Milan.

This was the best pizza I’ve ever tasted in Milan.

Luckily in 4 years of living here I have been shown where to go in Berlin to get original, Italian, Neapolitan pizza.

I Due Forni / Il Ritrovo / Il Casolare

The above are all sister companies located in Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg respectively.
in my opinion, they have such a great pizza base which is crispy and they use nice stretchy mozzarella which complements the crispy base.


This 360-degree-celsius oven cooks the pizzas for 90 seconds to create a perfect doughy edge, topped with a beautiful tomato sauce and buffalo mozzarella. Get the Spianata which has spicy salami and an Italian soft cheese which is like nothing I’ve tried before. Zola has great reviews and there is a reason for this.

Trattoria Pizzeria Masaniello

This cute place in in Hermannplatz (U8 and U7) on the corner of Jahnstrasse is managed by Neapolitans (okay, so we have Naples to thank for this, too). Still technically Kreuzberg, Masaniello restaurant has a huge garden area, indoor seating and a back section they expanded out to.

My favourite was Contadina (with extra olives) which has vegetables such as artichokes, aubergine, and zucchini across its wide crispy base. Again, they have a wood chip oven not a stone oven so there is a slightly different texture.

De Noantri

Located across the rather gritty park, Görtlizer, is an Italian restaurant where they tend to throw your meal at you, but the quality is there. De Noantri is in Kreuzberg, just a short walk from Schlesisches Tor (U1).


THIS PLACE is rated by the Associazione Verace Pizza napoletana (AVPN) which means the pizzas have been made according to the AVPN rules which define what is a ‘True Neapolitan Pizza”. Standard Pizza in Prenzlauer Berg is also a contender for the AVPN certification, which I am sure it will get soon. I had a prosciutto pizza and it had a ball of mozzarella in the middle. Glorious.

Despite being tucked away in Friedenau, this restaurant knows what it’s doing and cooks the pizza not at 360 degrees but 450 degrees Celsius for a mere 30 seconds to get the perfect crispy, charred bubbles on the thick edge.

So, I hear you ask…

Why is the service so bad in Italian restaurants?

They run around and are so busy, but often on Google the reviews tend to be rather bad for Italian restaurants in Berlin. For some reason most of the pizza restaurants are over-booked (I did tell you, everyone loves pizza), and the staff have to cover 20 tables between 3 of them, all trying to get 6-8 pizzas out on time, at the same time without too many complaints from people.

In Italy they are used to waiting for food and take it slower, I feel in Germany they are often going to restaurants when they are very hungry, and end up feeling impatient if the food takes over 15 minutes.

Despite this, the service can feel rushed, cold or a bit sharp if staff are in a rush and generally uninterested.

How to get over this

Be patient when waiting for a table

Speak some basic italian: “Due per favore. Grazie.” (two people, please)

Look like you don’t care (you are just as cool as them :D)

Don’t order extra cheese or toppings on anything (keep it simple!)

Don’t ask for parmesan on fish dishes

Don’t ask for mayonnaise or ‘dips’ (I’m not laughing, I promise)

Just order some wine and ask for tap water yourself (they have carafes of tap water on the counter but the staff are so busy they’re not going to get you 8 glasses).

So now you know: you need not jet off to Italy to get a taste of the best pizza on earth.

Disclaimer: the weather is absolutely terrible in Berlin so I really would still recommend jetting off to Italy.

It’s the end of March and it is still at 3 degrees.

On that note, ciao, grazie e buon appetito !