The Secret Guide to Oxford: Where To Explore

This week I headed to my hometown and wondered where to go in Oxford for a quieter and more authentic experience. I wanted to create a secret guide to Oxford, as for me it is so much better to visit a city and see the smaller businesses, streets and more hidden places. This way you can get a taste for the city
Normally I like walking around the University grounds, where you can see the epitome of British architecture including the Bridge of Sighs which is absolutely stunning.

A secret guide to Oxford

guide to Oxford

Pierre Victoire

Hands down where you should eat if you want to sample some homemade food which is made entirely by them. I had black ink squid risotto with prawns, swordfish and a crème brûlée.

Jericho is also a particularly quirky area with little cobbled streets such as Little Clarendon Street being the perfect place to start. This independent French restaurant has ambiance, real local people and the waiters speak French. Perfect for linguists – practise your French!
Find their tasty menu here.
pierre victoire restaurant

The Rickety Press

This independent pub (I would call it that) was essential to the secret guide to Oxford as it has a unique feeling; there are books (as its name suggests) and craft ales, prosecco and classic British food. Over the years they’ve stepped up their food game and they seem to have this Italian pizza oven… This place is a genuine people-pleaser, and an absolute must for those who prefer the quieter version of a pub, as you can sit here with some food and catch up, try to learn a new language with a tandem partner. Perfect setting, right?


If you want to know where to go in Oxford but you are done with shopping and the immensity of Westgate, then head over to the area of Jericho which has charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent. We’re talking down-to-earth cute cafés, cobbled streets, independent restaurants. If you want to go for brunch or food anytime of day, then go here to the Jericho café and pick up a book and coffee to sip on the tables outside.

Varsity Club

Technically not the most secret place on earth but definitely not an obvious one. Just like in Berlin, some entrances are concealed, unmarked or less obvious. This makes it fit into my secret guide to Oxford! This is a really nice place to take anyone for a drink (if you weren’t into queues at The Alchemist) to check out the rooftop and the view that comes with it on a clear day. Should happen one day.

varsity club Oxford

Source: Varsity Club


This converted stone church, called Saint Paul’s, is glorious. You can sit in the garden, inside or outside and admire the beautiful walls and stained glass windows. Famed for its cocktails which concept originates from London, FREUD is a cute place for after-work drinks or even events. I sat there in summer in the garden and it reminded me of sitting outside a church but in a garden but in a greek temple. Whilst sipping gin. A nice mix anyway.

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  1. John
    23. August 2018 / 18:48

    Sounds fabulous – where do you recommend for a cocktail?

    • 17. September 2018 / 12:38

      Hello John! I would go to The Alchemist for a cocktail; nice views, nice decor, slightly lesser known chain and fun to watch them make them.

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