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There are many tools to help you to learn new vocabulary; I personally, cannot live without an online dictionary when I am learning languages. Having started with books, apps and other tools have now taken over as they’re much more ‘instant’.

They useful to check genders, quick phrases and new words; also sharpening up your grammar skills via language learning apps is highly recommended – and is a lot more fun than standard grammar revision. 2017 is offering us new instant ways to practise a languages and improve constantly.

never, ever, ever use google translate. please.

It’s just not going to get you very far in terms of understanding or learning how to translate properly. It’s ideal only in one circumstance: you received a paragraph in a language you are not learning, such as Czech or Chinese, and you just want to understand the gist of it, but not use the material Google provides as a translation.
Here are some great online tools to check genders, adjective endings, synonyms and sentences used in context:


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