about me

the secret linguist follows the themes of languages, travel and culture.

I am 25, living in Berlin since 2015 with a British-Irish heritage. I spent 10 years living in Antwerp (Belgium) which shaped my personality and is where my love for languages grew.

I learned Flemish at school and English at home. I went on to study BA Modern Languages Translation and Interpreting Studies with French and German at The University of Salford, Manchester.

People often say they want to learn other languages but do not see the benefits. I am here to disrupt the notion of: “everyone speaks English” and inspire more English native speakers to learn modern languages, as well as encouraging potential polyglottes to learn a second or third language. I am currently learning 6 languages: French, German, Dutch, Italian, Arabic, Russian. I am learning with language learning tools such as Duolingo and also trying to learn languages I have forgotten such as Dutch, as well as asking friends who are native speakers.

What is a secret linguist?

A secret linguist is: language-curious, loves travel, empathises with others, learns several languages for enjoyment

Often I get approached by Russians in their native tongue, many think the ‘UK’ on my driving license means Ukraine, in France I sound like I am from Luxembourg, and taxi drivers are convinced I am Polish. In Ireland, I definitely look Irish but have a British accent.

The Secret Linguist is always adapting, changing, improving. Please be patient whilst I find my way, I’m more motivated than ever to create something which inspires others and encourages discussion. Feel free to comment and ask questions on the blogposts; I’d love to hear from you!
Fellow linguists, polyglottes and bloggers I am open to guest posts and collaborations.

Drop me an email me at: hello(at)thesecretlinguist(dot)com