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The Secret Linguist follows Travel | Culture | Languages.

Welcome to my blog! Find new inspiration to become a secret linguist, be culturally curious and learn languages. Travel with my city guides and language tips to explore more of what’s out there.

The Story: I spent 10 years living in Antwerp, in Belgium, which shaped my personality and is where my love for languages grew.

I learned Flemish at school and English at home. I went on to study BA Modern Languages Translation and Interpreting Studies with French and German at The University of Salford, Manchester. Little did I know how much these experiences abroad would inspire me.

People often say they want to learn other languages but do not see the benefits. I am here to disrupt the notion of “Everyone speaks English” and inspire those, including English native speakers, to put learning a language into their everyday routine.

What is a Secret Linguist?

A Secret Linguist is: anyone eager to understand another’s culture. I have met many who are culturally-curious, love travel or live abroad, and actively make decisions to learn a language even if it’s just a few words. They are all Secret Linguists.

Interestingly, I get approached by Russians in their native tongue, many think the ‘UK’ on my driving license means Ukraine, in France I sound like I am from Luxembourg, and taxi drivers are convinced I am Polish. Finally, I look Irish but have a British accent. Confused? Me, too.

The Secret Linguist is always adapting, changing, improving. Please be patient whilst I find my way, I’m more motivated than ever to create something which inspires others and encourages discussion.
Fellow linguists, polyglottes and bloggers – I am open to guest posts, I’d love to hear your ideas.

Drop me an email me at: hello(at)thesecretlinguist(dot)com.

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